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School Counseling

Hello my name is Emily Coburn. As the school counselor, I provide support to students and teachers through character and guidance lessons on the above topics. I am also available for individual and crisis counseling. I am happy to assist in finding appropriate resources where needed. I am delighted and honored to be serving the students and staff of Centennial.
Lessons for each month:
August - Introductions
Sept- Body Safety
October - Bullying
November - Career
December - Teacher Choice
January - Teacher Choice
February - Hygiene
March - School Specific
April- Test Prep
May- Transitions
Character development for each month:
August- Kindness
September - Honesty
October - Creativity
November - Generosity
December - Service
January - Determination
February - Friendship
March - Courage
April - Compassion
May - Self Control